Yellow Lines Inc

Your top choice for parking services

A fully integrated parking services company, Yellow Lines Inc provides excellent workmanship and competitive pricing for all your parking lot needs. Our wide array of services includes line painting to indicate curbs, sidewalks and safety lines, athletic court layouts, stall stripes and even light pole bases. Need parking signs for your lot? We can create signs for directional arrows, handicap symbols, speed bumps, crosswalk lines, stop bars and other specialty markings. We also offer parking layout service such as pavement marking, parking lot numbering and letter stencilling. Keeping your parking lot clean is a breeze with our pressure washing system that removes oil stains, rust and even grease. Our power parking lot sweeping machines will do the job quietly and efficiently, clearing all manner of debris from glass, leaves, paper, loose gravel and other materials that may be safety and environmental hazards. Get in touch with us today – our knowledgeable customer service team is always on hand to offer the right solution.