Blue Chip Recruiting Ltd

The best people for the job.

Our background: 30 years of combined experience in recruitment. Our specialization: getting the best people for the job in the corporate, investment and finance sector. We offer everything you need for a successful hire, for both employers and job seekers. Are you a company in need of high quality, professional team members? We can provide you with the talent you need. Are you a professional seeking to start or level up your career in the investment and finance sector? We can help you get started on a successful career path. Blue Chip Recruiting relies on its established recruitment process to help you select and pre-screen candidates and facilitate the negotiation process. Getting you the right person for the job is our strength – call us today!

Navigate Financial Group Ltd.

Charting the course to worry-free benefit plans

Great leaders take care of their teams. Navigate Financial Group Ltd. is here to help business owners and employers become leaders who are able to provide competitive employee benefits that run smoothly, are cost effective and worry free. Our team can help you in identifying and solving problems in structure and tax effectiveness, design executive compensation plans to help you retain key people, develop Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability plans for employees allowing them the peace of mind that comes with adequate replacement income when needed, come up with cost containment strategies, insight into how benefit products are priced and many more. We are much more than just a benefits broker – we are your expert partner in providing your valued employees with a bright future. Get in touch with us today!